Blog #1

We sat down after we figured out that we were doing the NPC project about how we wanted to complete this task. We decided that we would want to create an NPC named Woody who is a bartender for the player to interact with and obtain an item to help them on their quest. After we figured that out, we decided that the best way to complete this project would be to download and do it in Unity since we were told by Dr. Geisler that there are plenty of resources to learn Unity as well as assets to use to help us complete this project.

Blog #2

We have a problem with Unity and it involves Brendan. While he tried multiple times to download the same version of Unity as me, it would stop at the very end and wouldn't allow him to use it. So after talking with Dr. Geisler about this problem, he gave us a link to download a beta version of Unity and this allowed Brendan to start working in Unity to complete the project.

Blog #3

After figuring out how to use Unity more comfortable and what assets we would like to use for our project, we sat down with Dr. Geisler and figured out an outline as to how we want the conversation to go. We decided it would go like this:

Character walk into the bar, starting the conversation with Woody (player will interact with Woody)

Text "begin"

UI : dialogue options


Text "Howdy folks, can I get you guys something to drink"

OptionA No, don't have time but we need help

OptioB Yes, I do its been a long day



Text "What's going on with you guys, I'm sure I could help"

Option A We need to find a person named Jeffery

Option B No don't worry about it we are okay


Text " Oh I know exactly the man you want"

Text " Sorry to get in your business folks, but I know a lot of people that might be able to help"

Option A Really? What can you tell us about him?

Option B No thanks I appreciate though

Text " He is a crazy crazy man, you need a special key to get into this cave"

Option A Where can we find this sword

Option B Do you have the sword

Text I might know a person that has it

Text I do in fact have a sword that you are looking for




Action GiveItem Sword piece 

Blog #4

After we figured out the outline that we would like to take with this project, we got down to work to get it into Unity. One big problem we encountered was setting up a dialogue tree so that we wouldn't have to do a lot of coding for this project. After talking with Dr. Geisler, he sent us a link to a website to download an asset for unity that will allow us to create a node system for our conversation between the player and Woody. We will have to work out how to create a conversation with this new program, but we are on the right track to getting this project done.

Blog #5

We have finished our project and we are working on our presentation of our NPC project. While we had lots of challenges on the road to getting this done, we both feel accomplished with what we worked on. We are very proud of the final product and we have run through all of the options to make sure we didn't miss something that we will have to fix before we present it to the class, our professor, and the guest who will come to the presentation.